Monday, February 15, 2010

Real Small Art... I Love Good Karma!

Where do you live? (City, State)
Clifton, Virginia (suburb of D.C.)

Did you find Real Small Art? If so, how:
Real Small Art was sent to my home.

What was your first reaction?
One of the COOLEST, BEST, MOST THOUGHTFUL gifts I've ever received! Additionally, I am an artist and so very much appreciate sharing the gift of art in such an innovative, unique and special way.

Who is the Artist? (If signed)

What are you going to do with your Real Small Art?
Display it on my funky antique rolltop desk with other favorite photos and artpieces.

How did finding Real Small Art affect your day, if at all? Truly made me very happy.!!! The timing was so perfect: 1) I recieved it while planning the first showing of my new art project (creating notecards)! Seemed like a very positive sign! 2) Also, I was emailing my friend about my new artistic endeavor when this arrived - the SAME FRIEND who sent me this realsmartart!!!! Seems like such a positive sign I may tuck my piece of art somewhere with me when I show my work. I love good Karma!!! :)

Name (Optional) Christine

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