Our Story

We believe a little work of art can go a long way.

Now, you are invited to participate:

See pictures of art to find via www.instagram.com/iknowtiffany (Usually in and around Richmond, Virginia)
Need more clues? Follow www.twitter.com/realsmallart
Collect and share tiny works of art via www.etsy,com/shop/realsmallart
Contact us to trade art for similar community events: realsmallart(at)gmail.com
Join us! Create and share your own art. Contact realsmallart(at)gmail.com for instructions

In 2007, the Real Small Art League began posting art in publically approved areas: community bulletin boards, creative businesses or free art exchanges around the world. International collaborations lead to group exhibitions in England, Singapore, Australia and Canada. Within six months, nearly 200 artists had contributed to the project.

In 2009, Real Small Art 2.0 developed placement venues for creative exchange in geocaches. GPS positioned containers allowed Real Small Artists to track, monitor and converse with a creative community connected through new media. Pieces of Real Small Art began circulating though the underground trade channels of geocachers across the United States.

In 2010, Real Small Art launched Free to a Good Home, sending over 275 tiny paintings to nominated recipients. Each piece of art arrived with an explanation, a message of gratitude and an invitation to respond. Real Small Art found homes around the world, spreading inspiration and messages of gratitude to the participants.

In 2011, The Real Small Art League founding artists collaborated with community groups to spark independent projects. Community workshops taught new artists how (and why!) make, share and track works of art around the world. Check the growing list of partners here.

Want to host a workshop? Contact Tiffany Glass Ferreira, tiffanyglass@gmail.com.

The Real Small Art League does not endorse any form of property destruction for this project. We abide by all participating venue rules and communicate with business owners before adding their location to our project.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Tiffany Glass Ferreira, realsmallart@gmail.com