Friends and Alumni

The Lost Cats Project
Free to a good home! Be on the lookout for new litters of art cats that are getting lost all over the Richmond area. From Short Pump to Carytown, art cats are waiting to be found. Join the fun in a free, city-wide hide and seek game as artists hide tiny cat sculptures around RVA in public spaces.

Napkin Notes
Napkin Notes is a story of creating a daily connection with your child.
Feel Good Free Art Project
In Gig Harbor Washington, Jeni Woock aims to revitalize local merchants with a free art movement.

Found Art Tuesday
Found Art Tuesday is about leaving art inconspicuously in public places for others to find. It's a way to make art and share it. Founding artist Rosa Murillo invites participation from around the world.

Free Art Friday
Free Art Friday encourages artists across the world making art and leaving it out on the street. Some artists use canvas, others use materials found on the street, cardboard is popular but your imagination is your limit. There are no rules. It doesn't have to be Friday!

Art House Co-op
Art House projects are a way to create a community of artists and give anyone a chance to be part of something creative. They hold an exhibition for most projects at a library in Brooklyn, NY. All of the projects are open for sign ups on a first come first serve basis.

Free Paintings by Ali Spagnola
Ali Spagnola is giving paintings away to anyone that asks. So take one. Its Fine Art, I swear.

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