Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real Small Art Nomination... amazing.

An amazing Real Small Art Nomination
(Last name omitted to protect Colin's identity)

My close friend, Colin, would make a perfect recipient of Real Small Art and give it a good home because he is one of the most giving people I have ever met. He has given his time and money volunteering with the American Cancer Society for years, he is the guy people call when they need car repairs, maintenance, a jump, to get pulled out of the mud (me), etc. He is a local teacher and I have seen him every week working on his classwork for his students for hours at his home and purchasing needed materials. He is my inspiration with his recent weight loss, he is going to participate in a benefit Bachelor Auction soon (which I would never do) and, with the recent foot of snowfall, he just volunteered at a local hospital driving people around in his four-wheel drive vehicle. All of this while taking care of his three cats. Most of all, he tries really hard, never gives up and he never gives up on his friends, This is why my friend, Colin, is a worthy recipient of Real Small Art and would give it a great home.

Real Small Art being sent to Colin:

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