Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Lost Cats Project

The Lost Cats Project proudly supports Real Small Art League and their upcoming group exhibition at Crossroads Art Center.

Be on the lookout for new litters of art cats that are getting lost all over the Richmond area. From Short Pump to Carytown, art cats are waiting to be found. Join the fun in a free, city-wide hide and seek game as artists hide tiny cat sculptures around RVA in public spaces.

Want to play? Join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on where the next tiny sculpture will turn up. Then email us your adoption stories to help us track the project.

About the artists: Alyson Plante and L. Campbell Maxey are artists and freelance designers working in the Richmond area. They both exhibit their work regionally and enjoy supporting Richmond’s Real Small Art League artists’ collective with collaborative community projects.

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