Monday, March 15, 2010

Real Small Art... blow the clouds of winter away.

Where do you live? (City, State) Binghamton NY

Did you find Real Small Art? If so, how: Real Small Art was sent to my home.

What was your first reaction?
Hmmmmm I said - whatever could this be? Having just had shoulder surgery my first thought was that my Boston daughter - Sarah- had sent her Mama a little get well card.(handwriting was very similar to hers)

When I opened it - out popped a lovely little painting and a note from Tiffany - saying that Sarah had nominated me...

all new to me - I quickly went to the computer and typed in
As I read what it was all about I got a bigger and bigger smile on my face...

What a WONDERFUL idea!

What a wonderful way to cheer up a bum shoulder and blow the clouds of winter away!

As an artist *wanna be* I am intrigued!

Who is the Artist? (If signed) Tiffany

What are you going to do with your Real Small Art? Probably I will get a little magnet for it and put it on my refridge...thats where special items have gone since the kids were little enough to create masterpieces! Now that they are all "grown up" we dont get as many creations from them!
This one will always make me smile....

How did finding Real Small Art affect your day, if at all? Well - as I read more about what the project was about - a bigger and bigger smile came across my face!

What a wonderful idea and it is just like Sarah to find a special project like this!


Name (Optional) Barb

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