Tuesday, October 13, 2009

RealSmallArt #1 Geocaching Log

Here's a look inside the logbook of the Real Small Art 2.0 Geocache. You can read complete log entries here: HERE
If you have questions about the cache, email realsmallart@gmail.com

October 1 by andersaf (448 found)
Found this one quickly. Nice container and hide. Took TB. I was going to draw something, but the log was filled with one-liners. TFTC!

September 27 by CacheMeIfYouCanVA (70 found)
The art is so great! All I can say is that I am glad there was a good stick nearby to help with the retrieval. I left a travel bug for the taking. I figured a nice motorcycle themed TB could refine its knowledge of the arts while visiting this cache! TFTH SL.

September 27 by silvertop1 (1165 found)
Bon Air is such an interesting place. Thanks for using such a great container. Enjoyed the little art. SL TFTC Silvertop1 & Mel

September 22 by HD JP (5490 found)
Found while caching in the area. Parked in the recommended area and made my way to GZ. Nice container and small art inside. Replaced as found. TNLNSL; TFTC!

September 13 by JLmilby (12 found)
Thanks for a great cache.

September 12 by wvandva (12 found)
Found this one on 9-7 or 9-8 and just logging it. Took small art and left a picture. Thanks for the wonderful geocache.

September 12 by Team BlackZ (2036 found)
Very cool cache. Thanks

September 11 by icefrog (1242 found)
Enjoyed finding this unique cache with my kids - traded a handmade ceramic heart pin for a piece of small art. Polliwog smelled the miniature painting of a pear, and said that it smelled like a pear, too! - SL, TFTC!! icefrog

September 11 by grandad24 (105 found)
Took sand dollar, left a small example of a painting by Salvador Dali. TFTC.

September 10 by Popturk (125 found)
Nice cache! Didn't take anything but left a AMERICAN FLAG keychain because I think the FLAG is one of the greatest ART of all!!! Thanks

September 7 by oldhippie73 (1841 found)
Found with little difficulty. Nice container, but it may need a little cammo. SL OH73

September 7 by rs1942 (80 found)
TFTC. really enjoyed. t-art,l-natures art a sand dollar.

September 6 by toxikgumbo (323 found)
STF! Wow Koryfer beat me to this one by minutes ! Caught him with his hand in the cache ! Always nice to meet other caches on the trail ! sl tnlh tfth !

September 6 by KoryFer (234 found)
This cache was our fifth find for 9/6/2009 - FTF! Met Toxic Gumbo too. This cache was particularly special to find because of the amazing miniature art pieces the container held. I truly appreciated witnessing such talent. Thanks for including your pieces! Bene's! What a great area the container is hidden in too. TNLNSL. TFTC!

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