Monday, June 2, 2008

RSAL in Urge Magazine

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“Random acts of kindness meets Banksy's public works—an art awareness campaign with ambush inspirations and no destructive element.” This is how founder Tiffany Glass Ferreria describes Real Small Art League, an ongoing public art project designed to inspire creative awareness. Since February a growing number of artists have been joining Real Small Art League to make, post, and give away tiny original artworks in surprise public locations.

First, the miniature works of art, in a variety of media, are posted in public places. Each contains a message intended specifically for the finder. The artworks direct finders to a website. There, they may answer a series of questions and become members of an online community. In addition to Ferreria, participating artists include Mim Golub Scalin, Allison Compton, Sheila Gray, Bart Schultz, and Richard Garrett.

The ongoing project welcomes new artists. Sammo, a painter from Kalamazoo, Michigan recently sent work to Richmond for this project, and RSAL artworks have been spotted at Crossroads Coffee and Tea, the Potomac Mills Ikea store, and around Washington, DC’s Artomatic event.
The League uses Google maps to track free art works that have been found. The wide reach of this “small” initiative proves that its motto is entirely fitting: “A little work of art can go a long way.”

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Mim said...

Congratulations, Tiffany, on the article in Urge magazine. Chuck picked up a copy this morning since he's heard that his show was reviewed and delightfully, our copy contained a piece of you work in it right by the article. I remember you saying you were planning that. wow! Lucky me to have one in my copy of the mag. And thanks for including my name. I'm working on more small pieces to release. Again, congrats to you on this.