Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Real Small Art FAQ and How To

What is "Real Small Art"?
It's usually a small piece of art, no bigger than 4" x 4", created in an artist's usual medium. For example, Real Small Artists have used acrylics, watercolors, collage, photographs, prints, metal, assemblage and even poetry.

Where do you put it?
The Real Small Art League places artwork in positive places that are publically acceptable, for example: a bulliten board at your local coffee shop or art store. In other words, we do not support any destruction of property or vandalism as part of this project. ever. Sometimes artists collaborate with businesses or venues to post art in other ways. In addition, Real Small Art Leauge began a geocache in 2009 for creative trades with other geocachers.

What is a Geocache?
In a nutshell, there are 900,000 hidden containers around the world, identified by GPS coordinates. We didn't make this up, we just think it's pretty cool. We also thought there should be art in the hidden containers. ARTISTS: If you're interested in participating, read the geocaching guidelines HERE, then go out and place your Real Small Art in a cache. You will need a GPS devise, or a compass and a map. If you have an iPhone, there is an app for that.

I'm an artist. How do I participate?
1. Make your own small art
2. Attach a note to your art that says (something like) "You've found Real Small Art by (your name). Please visit realsmallart.com to respond."
3. Post art
4. Take a digital picture of the posting
5. Email the picture to realsmallart@gmail.com
6. Wait for someone to find it and respond on the website

Wait! Artists should contact us before participating. We'd like to meet you first... and answer any questions you might have.

Any other questions? Email: realsmallart@gmail.com

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