Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Welcome back.

It's been a busy year, with lots of creative adventures ~ but we're drawn back together to celebrate unexpected creative kindness by this book. Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work & in Your Studio, by Noah Scalin includes the Real Small Art League as #51.

Noah's collected ensemble of inspiration will kick start the most dormant creative juices in your "used-to-be-an-artist" brain. You'll read about art rock stars, leaders of awe inspiring collaboration, makers of beauty, grass roots stories that turned into household name phenomenons, and then there's us: the idea that a little work of art could go a long way.

It's true, Real Small Art League sparked unexpected opportunities for nearly everyone involved. From art exhibits, to free art fairs in the UK to Downtown redevelopment in Washington State, we've been amazed by what a little art can do. But then it grew bigger than we imagined, overwhelmed us, and screeched to a halt.

Ironically thanks to Noah's Unstuck, we're unstuck.

The first Real Small Art Paintings to celebrate this new chapter in our story:

Paintings were posted on Wednesday night, tweeted and likely found by now. There are 100 more ready to share with the greater Richmond Area, or by request online, here.

Questions, email realsmallart@gmail.com or @iknowtiffany on Twitter


Shop Local & buy Noah Scalin's book Unstuck: 52 Ways to Get (and Keep) Your Creativity Flowing at Home, at Work & in Your Studio via:

Richmond's Fountain Bookstore online here: http://www.fountainbookstore.com/book/9780760341346

Chop Suey Books in Carytown, Richmond here: http://www.chopsueybooks.com/

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Campbell said...

Go team!

Tiffany said...

Yay! You rock :)