Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teen Talent in the Mix

The Real Small Art League welcomes Clayton ~ a talented Richmond Teen whose dedication to the arts deserves recognition.

Clayton is a student from Thomas Dale Specialty Center for the Arts, traveling an hour to school each morning, and home again in the afternoon. His student portfolio is outstanding ~ with attention to detail, technique and originality.

Clayton spent part of the summer volunteering with Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, assisting with gallery tours, studio classes, material preparation and much more behind the scenes.

I met Clayton during the Children's Studio Class "Drawing in the Galleries". I was lucky to have his assistance during gallery tours and studio activities. The students enjoyed his presence in the studio as much as I appreciated his help.

He told me he read about the Real Small Art League in Richmond Grid Magazine, and he wanted to get involved. Not only did he want to participate, but he wants to start a chapter at his school this fall.

For his first "Real Small Art" series, Clayton created multi-media works on paper for strangers to find. He signed each piece with a "C", and invited the finder to share comments at realsmallart@yahoo.com

When I spoke with Clayton today, he shared the news that a local gallery had seen one of his pieces and invited him to have an exhibition.
Congratulations to Clayton!

Note: I have not published his last name because of his age. Clayton can be reached for more information via realsmallart@yahoo.com

Tiffany Glass Ferreira

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Anonymous said...

Clayton is an amazing talent, great future.