Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kindess keeps going and going and going.

The Real Small Art League has posted more than 600 works of art around the world in 3 years. We follow opportunities and collaborations to do good things, inspire people and spread artistic kindness. It's not going to stop now. In the meantime, see us here: Creative Kindness Throwdown, Opening July 16.

Please join us for the opening of the Real Small Art League’s July Creative Kindness Throwdown exhibit, benefiting Art180.

About Creative Kindness Throwdown: In conjunction with Slash Coleman's The Art of Business Throwdown, the exhibit will feature original works of selected Real Small Art League members and opportunities to showcase the effect of creative kindness on both the artist and the audience. The competition between The Real Small Art League/Art180 and Richmond Craft Mafia/Richmond SPCA and is modeled after Donald Trump's television show "The Apprentice." Guest artist Noah Scalin will judge each team based on the philanthropic reach of their work for their chosen charity, overall sales, media exposure, and the growth of each team's platform. The winning team will be announced in November.

About the Real Small Art League: Real Small Art League is an ongoing effort to inspire random acts of artistic kindness and creative awareness around the world. To date, over 600 artists have made, documented and given away tiny works in surprise locations. The ongoing journey and public responses are published via We truly believe a little work of art can go a long way. The Creative Kindness Throwdown highlights the talent of participating artists in the studio and within the community. Participating Artists Include: Tiffany Glass Ferreira, Alyson Plante, Betsy Sayre, Jennifer Hamrock, and L. Campbell Maxey.

About Crossroads Art Center: The Crossroads Art Center has served the
Richmond area as a Fine Art and Crafts Gallery for over 8 years. The art center represents over 225 local and regional artists in all types of media. Crossroads is actively involved in the Richmond local artists' community and thereby an important educational and cultural resource for the community.

Location Crossroads Art Center
Caboose Gallery
2016 Staples Mill Road
Richmond, VA

Fee: No admission fee. Cash bar.
Contact: Real Small Art League, Tiffany Glass Ferreira

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