Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Real Small Art League Throwdown

The amazing Slash Coleman has invited members of the Real Small Art League to participate in a creative challenge called "The Art of Business Throwdown", featuring free arts marketing training, an EXHIBIT, free publicity and endless possiblities only Slash is capable of pulling off.

Can you believe it? Amazing! The opportunity of an artistic lifetime :)

Here's what YOU NEED TO DO:

1. Sign up for "Make More Money with your Art", the artist marketing class that literally changed my artistic life. It's being held May 29th , in Richmond VA. Complete details are here:

NOTE: Email to register as part of "The Real Small Art League" throwdown. Friends, Family and your loyal supporters can take the class with you. It's FREE (can you believe it?).

2. Email me your website, if you have one ~ so that I can add you to the Real Small Art League roster on


What's the theme of the show?
The Real Small Art League believes a little work of art can go a long way to inspire artistic kindness and creative awareness. We want you to show us your “must haves” ~ ideas, inspirations, possessions ~ using any medium, on a small flat surface.

Do I have to make SMALL art?
NO. Your art can be any size, any medium. The small part is a collaborative mini zine called...

The (MUST HAVE) Real Small Art Zine
Exhibition artists are invited to submit a digital image of their work for publication in the Must Have Zine, or miniature publication and virtual exhibition. To be included, submit a digital image of your work and $3 to cover the cost of printing. Each artist contributing a digital image will receive one copy of the Must Have Zine.

Where will the exhibit be?
The Real Small Art League will be in the Sidecar Gallery at the Crossroads Art Center, 2016 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23230. Expect 2,000+ people at the opening.

What is the hang date?
Show dates are July 16th - Sept. 8th. Set up is the week before or even could be the weekend before. More details to come.

What is the commission split between gallery and artist for each sale? If you choose to sell your work ~ 40% commission paid to Crossroads 60% to the artist.

Who are we competing against?
The Richmond Craft Mafia.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Crossroads Art Center
(804) 278-8950

Slash Coleman

Tiffany Glass Ferreira

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