Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Response From a Good Home

How did you hear about Real Small Art?
I was first introduced to Real Small Art at the home of my son.

What do you think about this project?
This is a wonderful, heartwarming project. What special people you must be to spend your time bringing such joy to others!

Who is the Artist? (If signed) Tiffany Glass Ferreira

What are you going to do with your Real Small Art? I own a "real small" cottage in Maryland that can only accommodate "real small" art. My Real Small Art will fit very nicely there to be displayed for family and friends to enjoy!
How did finding Real Small Art effect your day, if at all? When I opened the envelope containing my Real Small Art, I was quite amazed. I had been moninated by my son, Christopher, as someone who could provide a good home for Real Small Art. I will certainly do my best to do just that! I feel very honored to have this opportunity.


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