Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ReUse Project 2: Call for Artists

This is a call for artists! The INSPIRE Collective is happy to announce that we are hosting "ReUse Project 2"!

We are at it a again and this time we're reusing a huge abandoned building in central Tel Aviv. International artists who would like to contribute please send reuse paper pieces that can be pasted inside and out!

All local artists are welcome to come and paint!

Email :idiotthewise@gmail
Mailing address:
PO Box 4917
Tel Aviv 61049
Mailing deadline: Sept 1, 2008
The first ReUse Project happened in Jerusalem when we took over an abandoned building in Jerusalem...www.flickr.com/search/?ss=2&ct=5&w=26036845%40N00...
This year, reuse paper is the main reuse medium so that non-local artists can make their work as large as they like as well... there is an ample amount of space available on the site...REUSE!!!

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