Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News from Chop Suey

On Saturday, August 9th from 11-4, ART 180 will be holding their Festival for Jonny Z, a street event celebrating not only the life and achievements of our dear, late friend Jonny Zanin, but also the art and change that his amazing life is still inspiring within our community. This event will take place outside of JOE'S INN (205 N. Shields). As you might know, an ART 180 class has already painted a mural on the side of the building. The class was funded by donations sent to ART 180 after Jonny Z passed away last year, and the students were taught about Jonny and the art aesthetics that he appreciated. This event will be an official unveiling of the mural project.
Because Jonny was a Bizarre Market organizer, the folks at ART 180 asked that the Bizarre Market set up in front of JOE'S INN as part of this celebration. Anna Virginia and I agreed, so now we are soliciting your help in spreading the word to artists, crafts people, and potential customers. As
with all Bizarre Markets, this will be open to everyone with no cost to set up. We will ask that all vendors donate 10% of their sales from the day to ART 180.

If you have anything to sell, or know someone who does, please drop us a line. And please remember that this Bizarre Market will be in front of JOE'S INN, not outside of Chop Suey. Anna and I are nervous that some people will go to the bookstore out of habit.

Another important change is that we will not be allowing food vendors to set up. This shouldn't create a problem, as Joe's will be open and serving food, and the market across from the restaurant will have snacks and drinks.

On a related topic, Quirk Gallery will be hosting an outdoor art market called The Handmake this Saturday, July 19th. You can expect to find a lot of great things there. Go visit and have a great time!

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