Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Art Found Story

We were at Echo Lake Park today and found a bag in a hole in a tree. Imagine our surprise when we realized it was a small piece of art. I took my 8 year old twin daughters to the park to get some exercise and play in the play area. One of the girls found one in the play area. If you know anything about twins, you probably know that meant we had to go back around the lake until we found a second one. The first one was a blue and green water picture with fish. They go to Echo Lake Elem. School and their colors are blue and green and they are the dolphins. So, my girls naturally took the fish to be dolphins. Then as we walked further around the park, my other daughter found a picture of the beach with a seashell on it. They were both very pretty pictures and my girls we thrilled. You made their day. It was also a nice treat for me since today was my birthday. That was such a wonderful surprise and a really nice thing for you to do. My girls wanted to thank you for sharing your talent with us. Thanks,Susan

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