Thursday, June 12, 2008

Where to post Real Small Art?

You can either post Real Small Art in places that are "Points of Exchange" or places where art will be accidentally found. "Points of Exchange" include community bulletin boards, brochure tables or cooperating business spaces designated on the Real Small Art League Google Map.

People arriving at a Point of Exchange are looking for information, or possibly inspiration. They are most likely to take only what they want, including the Real Small Art you posted. A few days following the posting you can revisit Points of Exchange and remove your work, if it's still there.

Posting in other public spaces you'll risk: a. the art not being found. b. the person finding it to not actually want it. c. the person finding it to throw it away. Sometimes that's OK, but always secure permission to post your Real Small Art in public places. The Real Small Art League does not encourage destruction as a creative act.

When I post art I consider this quote by Mitch Hedburg, "When someone hands you a flier, it's like they're saying here you throw this away".

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