Friday, June 20, 2008

Real Small Art by Kayla Koenig

Here is my most recent blog about my Real Small Art ... sort of a "found" story. The actual blog can be found online:

Yeah, I know it's just in the post below, but I've got news about it! If you'll recall, it was sent with my roommate's boyfriend to good ole' Cameron, TX. Well having not heard anything about it and being quite the impatient person I am, I asked my roommate to ask her boyfriend what happened to it. This is what happened:When he (the boyfriend) was driving back to Cameron he stopped at his local McDonald's to get some dinner. When he pulled up to get his food the girl giving it to him noticed the painting (sitting in the front seat of his car). So she inquired about it. Being the friendly person he is he handed it to her so she could get a closer look, she liked it a lot. When she tried to hand it back to him he told her "No, you can keep it. As long as you promise to go to the website on the back and follow the instructions", she replied "Are you f-ing kidding me?!". Apparently she was very excited about being able to keep the painting. Obviously she hasn't made it to the website yet, but that's ok. At least I know what happened to this one. I'll spread my art any way I can, and maybe, one of these days, someone will actually drop by to let me know they have it. :]

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