Thursday, May 22, 2008

2 more in the Fan...

I hung these last week and am just now letting everyone know. The one on Main St is still there and I'm actually hoping to get it back. My acupuncturist (who I LOVE, by the way) is out of town, so maybe he'll get to have it on Monday...or one of his other clients.
The one at Starbucks was found by an employee who called it "Nifty!", and left it for a customer to find. Have not heard anything else. got one ore I waan han next week, then I'm taking a break! ---Oh, wait...are we making 300 of these?

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Mim said...

I hope I find a piece but in the meantime, I left one at Ukrop's in Carytown this afternoon. What fun. You can see it on my blog,