Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real Small Art~ Found

While having coffee with her 4-month-old, father, uncle, and 3-year-old cousin at Capital Coffee and Desserts, Marlene Paul found a piece of Real Small Art posted by Tiffany Glass Ferreira.

RSAL:What is she going to do with it?
MP: Display it on a mantle with other small (but not this small) art

RSAL: What were the effects of finding Real Small Art?
MP: It was a quick thrill, like I was special, like I'd won!

MP: I found the posting about this on a random perusal of Craigslist. A few days later I came out of the bathroom at the coffeeshop, paused to read the bulletin board, and spotted the tiny art! Thanks, Tiffany! Later that day I showed it to Greg Kelley, who--it turns out--is also a member of RSAL. He made me one of his small-art labyrinth rubbings on the spot, so I now have two in my collection.

RSAL: Thanks for your kind words! We are thrilled that you found Real Small Art! Horray!

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