Saturday, April 5, 2008

Real Small Art ~ FOUND at Echo Lake Park

This email received today regarding Kimberly Vanderland's Real Small Art posting at Echo Lake Park:

"I am writing to inform you of the small art painting that my son found yesterday. Aiden, who is 5 yrs old, was so thrilled to find the art hidden in a tree near the playground. He considers it a real treasure and has had it by his side ever since. We took a stop at the park on our way to shop at Costco. Well, Aiden insisted on carrying the painting into the store and managed to show it to anyone in the store who would give him an audience. He was so proud. When we got home (we live on 13 acres in Ashland off of 54E), he had it with him while he was playing in the woods where he has a special fort. When I called him in for supper, he realized that he did not have his small art (left it in the woods) and was extremely distraught. Our family set out a search team and was, fortunately, able to locate it --- and it is fine. At night, he positioned his treasure in the windowsill so that he could see it from his bunk bed. So I want you to know that your small art touched the heart of a little boy that you don't even know....but who now knows you through a beautiful painting you left at the part. By the way, Aiden is also gifted in art and especially likes butterflies and moths right now....a sign of it is so interesting that it would end up in his hands." Gina Willett and Aiden

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