Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Real Small Art found at Crossroads Coffee

Real Small Art Location = crossroads coffee on forest hill ave.

Tiffany: What were you doing when you found it?
Finder: "well, a coworker and i loved it but wanted to know how much it cost. we admired it for a few weeks....but then marlene paul encouraged me to TAKE it! she explained that you're supposed to!!True or False?"
Tiffany: TRUE...Thanks Marlene :)

Tiffany: What are you going to do with your Real Small Art?
Finder: "hmmmm....hang it up in a teeny tiny place for a while then pass it on to someone else!"

Tiffany: How did finding art effect your day, if at all?
Finder: It made me smile! i love teeny things. the flower and teeny canvas are so sweet!

Finder: Thank you for the smiles! if you another one at crossroads, i'll encourage someone else to
take it!
Tiffany: I Love Crossroads Coffee! There will be more Real Small Art posted there next week... Right now I'm getting ready for the Artomatic Show in D.C. ( Imagine a 12"x8" wall full of Real Small Art :)
P.S. While posting my Real Small Art, I found art by Greg Kelley there. It was my first time "finding" Real Small Art. It really made my day!

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