Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shelia Gray's Mixed-Media Small Art!

I made the decision this year to make art from "No New Materials". I've collected so many over the years saying "I'll use that in a sculpture..." and now I'm actually going to do it. My little studio is jammed full of shelves and boxes that are mostly categorized by media: Paper products, clay/plaster, sewing/fabric, found objects, adhesives, metal working tools, hardware, shells/bones...the list goes on.

These small art pieces for the Real Small Art League were my first experiment in purging all my old materials. I'm going to try to do an average of 2 a month while also working on bigger things.

Here are the first 4 for this month and next.

Some of the imagery and texture is related to a few larger series that I have worked on in the past. You can go here to see e those:

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